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    Title: "Touch MY heart"
    Genre: Drama

    At the height of her career as a professional model and actress living in Miami, she feels a shooting pain in one of her breasts. The worst nightmare comes true when she is diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
    The tumor had been growing unbeknownst for around 13 years as she had gone through emotional struggles with her family, the loss of her grandparents and the lack of a true meaningful love.
    She turns to social life, social drinking and absorbing dedication to her career as means to escape the harsh reality. With the oncologist visit scheduled in five weeks, she would do everything possible to be healed naturally.
    Facing Breast Cancer, she tirelessly decided to research online for natural remedies.
    Hour after hour, she discovers a whole new universe.
    Natural remedies, healing herbs, special diets, elements that work with our body's capacity for self-healing. Many of them have been around for centuries. She also has to confront her deepest feelings and painful past experiences to conquer sadness and distress. Within weeks the miracle began...

    "My goal is to join forces with a massive movement and show to the world that Natural Cure of Cancer exists for centuries...just the multibillion dollars business behind the traditional treatments of Cancer doesn't let the information to be out there. I am convinced that Touch My Heart Feature Film will help millions of people who have lost hope of being healed of Cancer.
    The film will shout to the world that the cure is accessible with the proper natural remedies and nutrition, but also by embracing a whole new and positive approach to life."


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    and or service in our film.

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