Deborah is a professional talent who went from modeling to acting, from TV Commercials to TV shows, from Latin American TV Channels to American Movies, from Short films to Feature films and TV Series. From low budget Feature Films to Major productions.
    She has a very extensive resume as a model, performer and actress in English and Spanish. Many talented people ask her many questions about the modeling and acting industry She gives real guidance to people who want to build a successful career. But her time is limited:

    The most frequent questions from amateurs are:

    How can I start with modeling?
    How can I build my portfolio?
    What do I need to get involve with acting?
    Should I work for the Americans or for the Latin Americas?
    Should I take acting class? Where?
    How can I get a role if I don't have an agent?
    Can you give me the phone number or the connection with your producers?
    If I call then what should I say?

    The most frequent questions from actors:

    How can I get more roles on films and TV?
    Can I get speaking roles without audition? How?
    Should I work as an extra?
    How much should I get paid for speaking role?
    Should I move to Los Angeles?
    Should I become SAG?
    How can I jump from the Latin market to the American market?
    How can I get connections with the right people (directors, producers and casting directors)
    What should I tell then?

    Step by step you will learn of how to transform your professional and public image that later will captivate and bring attention of directors, casting directors, producers, fans and people in general.
    Eventually this valuable information will lead you to success.

    Deborah is available to respond all your questions. Her intensive work as a model and actress. and her background as a Teacher in Advertising and Marketing gave her the training and the knowledge to help talented people on this competitive and challenging career. Do you want to be a model or actress? Do you want to work more in your acting career? Do you have many questions? Do you want to talk to Deborah? The technology make this possible by SKYPE

    After your booking with PAYPAL ( we will send you an email with the days and the time frame that she will be available to talk to you one and one by SKYPE. Since she is a very busy lady traveling all over shooting on movies and TV series, the booking has to be done 3 to 10 days in advance.

    One hour of guidance $70
    Two hours of guidance $110


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    Deborah is also available as your personal Consultant with insights and documented opinions about the fascinating world of marketing and business.